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“Self” is used in the context of the following as our intimate connection to infinite intelligence, not to be confused with the personal self-ego.

Allowing the qualities of the heart to unfold, deepening self acceptance, will ignite the HeartSelf-Intelligence to unveil itself, freeing the path to the innermost source where love is infinite, where consciousness of joy resides. This love becomes accessible by focusing on qualities of the heart. What are the qualities of the Heart? Through living certain values, I may consciously choose to move into the frequency vibration where the heart resides and aligning my being with it.

By doing so, the higher, deeper, infinite HeartSelf-Intelligence, begins to expand into my life. This HeartSelf-Intelligence is based on the awareness of "the Self", as the innermost vortex, its unlimited infinite potential and Intelligence, inherent in each, flowing and expressing through body/mind action in every day life.

In our present traditional psychology in general, the belief on which human behaviour is based, is the fear of existence. This presumption determines the quality of life on all levels.  It creates a certain vibrational frequency, which embeds the cells in the body and creates an environment which is not conducive nor compatible with the flow of the HeartSelf-Intelligence. Thus it inhibits the manifestation and expression of the infinite potential as consciousness of joy.

The Psychology of the "HeartSelf-Intelligence" presumes the inherent potential of infinite intelligence as the birthright of each. In many beings this is latent and its abundance and wealth is waiting to be expressed. It can be allowed to unfold and flow. This involves a conscious choice to to align with my birthright.

The wealth and abundance of the infinite potential can become accessible by acknowledging that I am a "Self". This awareness and honoring myself opens the portals for an intimate  connection with the wisdom of the "Self" and one's profound inner depth and the consciousness of joy. It is my birthright and waiting to be activated. Identifying with this inner depth, the pathologies and imperfections can be faced and held lovingly. This in turn leads to a more profound acceptance and alignment with its intelligent loving power. My conscious acceptance stimulates the increase of the inner flow of love. To embrace myself and my shortcomings, is an act of love, releasing energies held in the personality patterns to become creative action.

This new quality of life can be infinitely expanded and deeened. New dimensions of expansion of consciousness and exciting new experiences are available.

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Used in a therapeutic approach, it is presumed that the heart stores a cellular emotional memory of all past experiences. Its content can be accessed easily once the inner voice of the Heart is allowed to emerge.

The brain contains the belief systems and patterns connected to these emotions. When one becomes aware of pattern and related emotions, or vice versa, the HeartSelf-Intelligence can release these on a cellular level as well.